We wish to thank our sponsors without whom NCAIS Innovate would not be possible:

Aerohive (Presenter | Exhibitor)

Cisco (Exhibitor)

Data Networks (Exhibitor)

edSocialMedia (Bloggers’ Cafe | Presenter | Exhibitor)

finalsite (Breakfast Sponsor | Presenter | Exhibitor)

FSI Office / Forms & Supply (Exhibitor)

Lenovo (Exhibitor | Equipment Provider)

Schoolyard, Inc. (Presenter | Exhibitor)

SecurEdge Networks (Presenter | Exhibitor)

Silverpoint.net (Presenter | Exhibitor)

Smarter Systems (Exhibitor | Equipment Provider)

Smoothwall (Exhibitor)

SMS Tech Solutions (Exhibitor)

Snowman Software (Exhibitor)

Turning Technologies (Presenter | Exhibitor)

Veracross (Lunch Sponsor | Presenter | Exhibitor)

Whipple Hill (Presenter | Exhibitor)

*Sponsors listed updated as vendors join us