Thursday Sessions (April 7th):

Keep Them Awake With Technology,
Clarice Moran, St. Mary’s School

Make History Come to Life with Google Earth & Screencasting, Steve Goldberg, Cary Academy

Tools That Support Active Learning
Matt Scully, Providence Day School

Thursday: Sparking Sessions

The Hammered Thumb

Friday, April 8th

Keynote: Jonathan E. Martin
Head of School, St. Gregory’s, Tucson, AZ

Report: Defining 21st Century Education

Making Movie Soundtracks
Eric Grush, Cary Academy

Check out Eric’s webpage.

Using LabView High School STEM Education
Nelson Nunalee, Ravenscroft

Blended Learning
Meredith Stewart, Cary Academy

A-Z: What Schools Need to Know About Google
Jill Judd, WhippleHill

A-Z What You Need to Know About Goggle

Finding Your Voice with Voicethread
Karl Schafer, Durham Academy


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